Saturday, 29 October 2011

Life is a journey...

It sure is a journey…

Well, I have decided to write all of my thoughts and experiences here for the world to read. We all have a story, we all have a different past, so why not share it and hope that someone reads it and is inspired.
Life truly is a difficult journey to embark on, but we really don’t have the choice to do it, our parents chose it for us at the moment of conception, the path was paved for us by the ones who raised us until we were old enough to go our own ways by ourselves; it is then that things seemed to be so difficult.
Decisions are thrown our way immediately, and we have to now chose which way we go. Growing up seemed like such a time of darkness, ofcorse I had good times, filled with many laugs,but they seemed to be more few and far between. I truly believe that being a teenager is the hardest chapter of one’s life. You are faced with so many obstacles,and so many temptations, it is as though you are set up to fail before you even try. Truth is, if you set yourself up for success then that is exactly what you will achieve, though if you set yourself up for failure then you will end up in a downward spiral, and trust me, you do not want to be there.
I have learned many things fro my past, and my “growing up”, and it is completely changing my life now, seemed to have no point,and no explanation in sight, but I now see that everything that I went through and overcame certainly came with a purpose, to make me stronger.
I have learned many lessons, and have been inspired by so many people, by many quotes and I have decided to share them with you followed by how it changed my life. Hopefully my testimony will inspire someone, if only one, then it was all worth it.
First I am going to start off with a word, one single word, that has completely and totally changed my life.
Believe…that is the word that has brought me through it all, and the grace of God ofcorse.
There is no obstacle too big for you to overcome. You have to believe that things happen for a reason, and that something incredible will come from it. You can’t sit back and let life happen, you have to make it happen, make what you want to see happen, it’s up to you. Believe that things will get better, believe that you will get through it all, and believe that you will change lives. Believing in yourself is so important, it inspires others to believe in themselves, and it starts a whole cycle of positivity. Believe that every battle you have fought, every obstacle thrown your way, and every painful experience will bring you strength and confidence. Believe that things will change, that one day life will be different, that you will be all that you want to be, believe in yourself, it all starts there.
God has amazing plans for you, and an important purpose, live to your potential, you can change the world, one life at a time. You have it in you…you just have to BELIEVE!!

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